Call for papers for Autumn Conference

Call for Papers for Women’s Suffrage, Politics and the Public Sphere

WHEN: Saturday, 17 November 2018
WHERE: University of Worcester, Henwick Grove, Worcester, WR2 6AJ

The University of Worcester’s annual Women’s History Conference seeks papers for this year’s event under the heading of ‘Women’s Suffrage, Politics and the Public Sphere’.

On 14 December 1918, some women voted in a parliamentary election for the very first time in Britain; the following year the Sex Removal Disqualification Act paved the way for women to become Barristers and Justices of the Peace. In 1928 women gained equal citizenship after a campaign that had lasted nearly 100 years. Yet one hundred years later, only 469 women have been elected as Members of Parliament and no woman has ever been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer.

This conference will explore women’s involvement in the suffrage campaigns in Britain, and their participation in politics and public life in the years that followed women’s enfranchisement.

2018 marks the centenary of the beginning of the road to full suffrage for women in Britain, thus we invite you to submit a paper based on your current research in the field of ‘Women’s Suffrage, Politics and the Public Sphere’.

Send an abstract of 300 words to Dr Wendy Toon by 31 Aug 2018.



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